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5 Craft Beers in Asia and Where to Find Them

beer cheers


Over the years, the world has learned to love the Asian cuisine. But it doesn’t end there. At present day, Asian countries are now learning to develop their own brews of everyone’s favorite–the craft beers! With the magnitude of flavors available in the Asian region together with the dedication and craftsmanship, more and more people are falling for the Asian craft beers.

So, heading to Asia soon? Here are some of the places you can have craft beers around Asia. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

Great Leap Brewing


1. Great Leap Brewing, China
Turning into an attraction of its own, the Great Leap Brewing in Beijing is available in three different locations all over the city. Accessible for everyone, these breweries are just a stone’s throw away from some major tourist attraction destinations. What you need to try here? Honey Ma Blonde.

galmegi brewing

2. Galmegi Brewing Company, South Korea
Definitely a must visit brewery in Busan, the Galmegi Brewing Company offers a rotating roster of craft beers with ingredients that are based on the seasons—example: craft beer with pine and Juniper. Galmegi has also recently partnered with other beer breweries such as the Magpie Brewing Co.

Following the latest trends in the western craft beer bars, the Galmegi Brewing Company has also released refillable growlers for everyone to marvel at…and use.

katipunan craft beer


3. Yardstick, Philippines
Looking for some good craft beers in the metro? How about we head to a quaint coffee shop, in one of the many streets of Makati, Philippines? Yes, you read it right. Coffee shop for one of the best craft beers in the area. Yardstick, an artisan coffee shop, partners with the local Katipunan Craft Ales brewery for the Dear Fred, an ice cold coffee-beer concoction.

With the right mix of ice cold ale and the creaminess of coffee, Dear Fred surely packs a punch. Of course though, since the place is primarily a coffee shop, you can either simply enjoy a bottle or two in the area, or take away packs of it and bring it home for some real party time.

round house


4. The Roundhouse, Hong Kong
Located in the heart of Hong Kong, The Roundhouse is a haven for craft beers enthusiasts. This brewery features 25 rotating rounds of craft beers both from local to international breweries. Successfully bringing a little bit of Texas into Hong Kong, The Roundhouse completes the craft beer roster with Texas-style smoked beef BBQ that is sure to bring delight for those who love good food. Additionally, The Roadhouse is also one of the very limited places where one can try the Drunken Cat Brewery products, all the way from Guangzhou.


5. Tadg’s, Japan
One of the biggest craft beer destinations in Kyoto, the Tadg’s is a simple Irish pub that is known all over Kyoto and even the world. It has nine taps of unique craft beers for everyone to enjoy, as well as some imported craft beers sourced from various countries. Along with its great options for craft beers, Tadg’s is also well-loved for its amazing food, great ambiance, impressive hospitality of the place, and the enchanting view of the Kyoto’s majestic urban landscape and river.

Heading into some of the countries mentioned? Be sure to drop by these breweries and cafes to try out craft beers that you will surely remember even after your trip.

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