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5 Packing Travel Hacks You Should Know

Holiday suitcaseBefore exploring the world and heading over the spectacular destinations, every traveler needs to deal with packing up. And whether you’re packing for a three day holiday or more than a month’s worth of traveling, packing all the things that you need can be a real challenge.

Well, fret no more! We’re here for you. Here’s a quick travel hack on how you can pack your things better, creating more space while still being organized.

1. Roll, Don’t Fold
The golden grail of packing for travels. Folding your clothes take more space and doesn’t let you maximize the space that you have. On the other hand, clothes that are rolled and stacked together can be compressed better and offers more space for you. Plus, you don’t get those ugly creases in your shirt when you roll them!

Travel preparations

2. Have a Waterproof Bag
Traveling takes you to wonderful places and sometimes, these are cities with frequent rains or well, the beach. Having a waterproof bag for your personal belongings will give you the peace of mind that even if you get rained on, your things are safe. Included in the thing that should be in a waterproof bag are your passport and other travel documents, mobile phone, chargers, and wallet. Keep your waterproof bag small enough that it can fit in your personal bag, making it accessible for you all the time.

For bigger gadgets, you can also get your laptop and camera waterproof bags, so you won’t have to worry about them being drenched as well.

3. Re-purpose those Drawstring Fabric Bags and Shower Caps
Your closet are probably filled with these drawstring fabric bags. Remember the last bag or shoe that you purchased? It is likely that they came with a semi-disposable fabric drawstring bag. Some great uses for these are to segregate dirty clothes from clean ones during your trip and as containers for shoes or flipflops when you have to tuck them into your backpack.]

Another trick to keep your belongings clean is to use those free shower caps from your accommodation. Wrap these around your footwear to ensure that the dirt doesn’t come off inside your bag.

4. Keep Toiletries in Transparent Zip locked Bag
One of the nasty things a traveler might have to deal with is spilled shampoo inside their traveling bag. To avoid this, store your toiletries in a clear zip locked bag. Using a transparent container will also let you grab the things that you need faster, without having to rummage through everything.

5. Recycle Old Sunglasses Cases
Check your drawers and you probably have old sunglasses cases lying around. These are great storage spaces for loose cable cords for your gadgets! Plus, provide protection for the cords as well. Old cases will also spare you from dealing with tangled cable cords.

For your next big trip, try out these packing travel hacks and you’ll surely be amazed on how effective they can be! But hey, don’t be tempted to bring more stuff than necessary because of the extra space.

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