6 Best Beaches of the Caribbean

Think of azure cool waters, palm trees, fine white sand covering the shore, and a perfect weather all year round. Sounds like paradise, right? The great news is that you can actually visit it! What are we talking about here? The glorious islands of the Caribbean!

Just a quick Google search of beautiful beaches will tell you why the islands of the Caribbean are the ultimate dream destination for many. It is just too beautiful for words. But it doesn’t end there. These magnificent islands aren’t just all about pretty surfaces. Down under is a vibrant marine life, teeming with different species in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

There are literally tons of beaches in the Caribbean, all beautiful in their own way. Read on below for our personal picks and see if your favorites made it to the list!

A panoramic view of the beach at Trunk Bay

A National Park Beach located at St.John, in the United States Virgin Islands, this bay is a popular destination for cruise ships and guests from all over the world. It is named by the National Geographic Society as one of the best beaches of the world and has an underwater trail of coral reef, making it a premiere snorkeling and diving site.

pink sand beach Bahamas

Popular among tourists and travel publications, the Pink Sand Beach has quite an interesting name. It is located in the Bahamas and has a shore of soft pink sand that stretches for three and a half miles. Complementing the pastel-colored shore is a clear ocean water that’s great for swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, and fishing.

White Bay in Jost Van Dyke

A virgin beach with unspoiled beauty, the White Bay in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands offers turquoise calm waters and soft fine sand. Discovered just few years back, the White Bay has a backdrop of grass-covered hills, adding to its picturesque beauty.

Half Moon Bay Antigua

Located in Antigua, the Half Moon Bay is a perfect destination for adventure seekers. They bay measures 1 mile on the Southeast coast, with the Freetown Village nearby. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the waters of Half Moon Bay can be quite rough and challenging for enthusiasts of extreme waters sports.

Tobago, the Englishman’s Bay

An isolated paradise in the area of Tobago, the Englishman’s Bay is one of the most beautiful hidden beaches of the Caribbean. It has a crescent-shaped shore that is capped by two forests teeming with lush flora. Towards the forest, the shore undergoes an interesting mix of coarse soil and medium gradient sand grains. The water is calm all year round and is great for swimming and snorkeling.

Pig Beach located in Exuma

For this particular island, you have fine white sand, crystal clear water, lush vegetation, and pigs. Living true to its name, the Pig Beach located in Exuma, Bahamas, is home to several feral pigs enjoying the beautiful beach. Gaining popularity these past years because of this unique experience, more and more people are flying over to the Bahamas to swim with these adorable pigs. An uninhabited island, the Pig Beach is home to around 20 adult pigs and piglets, as well as some stray goats and cats.

Visiting the Caribbean soon? Don’t forget to drop by these awe-inspiring beaches!

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