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6 Best Tropical Beaches of the World

Everyone deserves a break and nothing is more rewarding than an escape to paradise. Luckily there are tons of beaches all over the world that embody the perfect scenario of fine white sand, azure waters, and towering palm trees. Depending on your destination, tropical beaches might range from simply a stone’s throw away to a few hours of airplane ride.

Here are some that you shouldn’t miss, wherever you might be!


1. Seychelles
A paradise set in the east of Africa, Seychelles is the perfect destination for those who seek some quite time away. With around 115 islands to choose from, there’s surely space for everyone who wants to bask in these gorgeous shores.

nusa dua bali

2. Bali, Indonesia
Known as one of the most loved beaches all over the world, Bali is a pristine tropical island with amazing beaches, great food, friendly locals, and lots of places to visit. If you’re up for tons of partying, Bali’s nightlife scene is an attraction of its own. On the other hand, those who seek a more relaxed escape can also visit the northern part of Bali where it’s quieter and more peaceful.

3. Curacao, The Caribbean
Ahh, the Caribbean. Who can think about the most beautiful beaches of the world, without thinking of the islands of the Caribbean? And the great part, among these groups of wondrous lovely shores is Curacao Island–dubbed as one of the best. The beach is gorgeous, the weather is great all year round and during nightfall, the island turns into a party hub for guests from all over.

twin lagoon palawan

4. Palawan, Philippines
A tourist mecca in southeast asia, the islands of Palawan are breathtaking gems of deep blue waters, beautiful shores, and a spectacular marine life that is definitely a must-see. In this group of islands alone are the three main attractions of Puerto Princesa City, El Nido, and Coron. Although hours away from each other, these three destinations are worth the visit.

Taketomi Island, Japan

5. Taketomi Island, Japan
The Kondoi Beach of Taketomi Island rings true to the minimalistic principle of the Japanese culture—simple yet beautiful. With just 2.09 square miles throughout, the Kondoi Beach is a quaint preservation center for the traditional Ryuku architecture and way of life. It’s turquoise water and fine white sand is a breathtaking beauty. A side-trip to the village is highly recommended as well. Explore its grandeur either by foot, through a rented bike, or the good old traditional water buffalo-cart ride.

El Matador, California

6. El Matador, California
The great north may not be exactly “tropical” however, California’s El Matador in Malibu is a haven for those who are looking for a quick escape from Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle. Unwind in El Matador’s beautiful shores, marvel at its wonderful view, and be treated to a lovely sunset over the Pacific Ocean. For an additional dash of romantic atmosphere, head over to El Matador’s secret beaches and coves, best enjoyed with someone special.

Wherever you may be in the world, there’s surely a great beach near or around! So, get your bags ready and visit these paradise-like beaches!

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