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6 Must-Have Essentials for Your Southeast Asian Backpacking Adventure

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The Southeast Asian region is one of the most exciting and vibrant destination for travelers from all over the world. With paradise-like beaches, acres of greeneries, and literally thousands of islands, and the very unique culture, tradition, and cuisine, a trip to Southeast Asia is definitely set to be a memorable one.

So, you wouldn’t want to come unprepared, would you? If you’re wondering what the essentials in backpacking are across Southeast Asia, here are 6 important things to have in your backpack.

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1. Comfortable Clothes
Wherever you are traveling in the world, it is always important to bring a decent number of comfortable clothes. The great thing about the tropical region of Southeast Asia is that you can leave your thick and wooly winter clothes at home. Simply pack a couple of dry-fit shirts, a bunch of cotton clothes, pair of jeans and shorts, some clothes for casual and semi-formal wear, and of course swimming gear.
Also take note of the colors and pick clothes that are easy to mix and match.

2. Sunscreen
It might seem very basic, especially if you’re headed to the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, but you can never have too many sunscreen! Whether you’re just strolling along the park, exploring the city, or lounging by the beach, and most especially when trekking through forest trails and jungles, always remember to put on a good amount of sunscreen for protection.

3. Sarong/Scarf
Another must-have wherever you are traveling to, a sarong works great as protection from all weather—rain, sun, sand, wind, you name it. The sarong also compliments any swimsuit, especially for the ladies. Moreover, sarongs or big scarves be used as blankets as well, in case you find yourself in a situation where there’s no blanket available. And on very hot days, you can use it to cover your face from the scorching sun and well, also to wipe off those sweat.

4. Travel Documents
Triple copy everything before leaving your country! Staple each set together and leave the original set in a secure location such as the hotel’s security deposit back. For the remaining three copies, store them in different locations and make sure you always have a copy with you whenever you leave. For additional security purposes, scan or take a photo of your travel documents and IDs, store them in an online storage service like Dropbox or even in your email, so you can immediately access and print them whenever needed.

5. Medications
Although different kinds of medicines are also available in Southeast Asia, it is always best to have your very own stock in your backpack. This is even more important for people who have severe and unique allergies, whose medications might be challenging to locate in the region. For travelers with prescription drugs, don’t forget to also bring along the prescriptions. Basic necessities in a pill box includes re-hydration medicines, painkillers, antacids, anti-diarrhea, anti-allergies and analgesics.

6. Notebook and pen
Sure, a smartphone is a great way to chronicle your travels and it lets you post photos on your Facebook account right away. But the problem with going full digital is that its batteries run out and there are times you will need to write important information down such as direction, destination names, or contact numbers of people you need to keep in touch with. This is why it’s necessary to have a pen and paper around, especially when traveling.

All set for your ultimate Southeast Asian adventure? Make sure you’ve got these backpacking essentials handy!

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