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6 NYC Food Trucks That You Must Definitely Try

The city of Big Apple is known for many things, may it be tourism, technology, business, education, entertainment and of course, food. Past all the fancy restaurants and the multi-cultural dining hubs in New York, another gem pleasantly located all over the city are its food trucks. Delectable meals that are truly unforgettable, here are ten of the best food trucks in New York that you should not miss!

1. Luke’s Lobster
Whoever said that only fancy restaurants in upscale New York serves good lobsters surely hasn’t heard of this beloved food truck. With a great following, the Luke’s Lobster food truck is adored both by local and tourists for one reason–quality lobsters fresh from the waters of Maine. Harvested from the ocean and traveling over 300 miles sealed in an air-tight bag, Luke’s lobster rolls are the truly the best.

2. Schnitzel and Things
For an authentic experience of the Schnitzel, wait out for the Schnitzel and Things food truck. Each meal is served with the golden piece of either chicken, pork, cod, or eggplant, coupled with an Austrian potato salad and a lemon wedge. For the “Things” additional menu in this food truck include Yukon fries and braised sauerkraut.

3. DUB Pie Truck
Hailing all the way from the Land Down Under, the DUB pie truck brings to New York the best savory pies of New York and Australia. From the traditional meat pies to their signature steak mince and cheese pie, all these and more can be enjoyed in this food truck. Stops include Soho, Brooklyn, and Midtown.

4. Neapolitan Express
For a truly unique experience, head over to the Neapolitan Express. Staying true to the good old Italian way of authentic Neapolitan pizza, the food truck only uses the best and organic ingredients. The truck itself is also powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) making it not just tummy-friendly, but environmentally friendly as well.

5. Kelvin Slush
Looking for some refreshments while enjoying the best of New York? Kelvin Slush’s collection of natural smoothies is here to save the day. Leaving behind corporate law careers, two best friends decided to whip up healthy smoothies free from all the freaky food coloring and ridiculous sugar content present in most smoothies today. Still doesn’t believe it? Included in Kelvin Slush’s menu are all-organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and vegan choices. There are also Ginger, Tea, and Citrus smoothies, as well as freshly harvested fruity mixed ins including raspberry, guava, mint, basil, and more.

6. El Diablo Tacos
Tacos! Yes, tacos! Don’t miss the tacos. For notable tacos in the heart of New York, the El Diablo Tacos is located right at the back of Union Pool, catering to beer aficionados. All at affordable prices, tourists in New York can enjoy roasted corn, quesadillas, guacamole and queso dips, tortas, tamales, and of course tacos filled with either pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, and vegetarian goodness!

With the many food trucks in New York to choose from, each meal in the big city will surely be a great experience. Don’t forget to try out these food trucks!

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