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7 Things You Need To Know When Traveling With Pets

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It’s always great to travel with our loved ones and for some people, these include their furry four-legged friends. The great thing is that traveling with pets are definitely allowed. Sure, it has its own process and fees, but hey, you are visiting a foreign city with your buddy. They get to share your experiences and they get to have fun. Those things and more just makes everything totally worth it.

To help you prepare better, here’s a checklist to help you travel well with your pets. Enjoy and don’t forget to take photos!

Dog sitting in the suitcase

1. Airline Requirements
When thinking about traveling with your pet, the first thing you will need are travel reservations—both for you and your pet. Contact your airline to know about their specific policies and fare rates. Generally, pets are required to be in transport crates, with two dishes for food and water.

2. Pet passport
Similar to any passenger traveling overseas, pets have their own passports. There is the Pet Travel Scheme that allows animals to travel without being quarantined. The pet passport usually comes either blue or pink booklet, containing important details about your pet such as microchip and tattoo number, certification of vaccination, and signature of a veterinarian or surgeon.

3. Microchip Implant and Health Certificate
Along with the pet passport, microchip implants are also required. The implant should meet the specification of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip yet, you can ask your veterinarian about it. These will not just enable your pets to travel overseas, but is also very useful during unexpected scenarios.

4. Vaccine and Health Certificate
In most countries, pets traveling overseas are required to be treated for ticks, tapeworms, and fleas, 24-48 hours before boarding. Another requirement is the certification letter from your pet’s veterinarian, stating that the animal is fit to travel without signs of diseases. Along with that, some countries also require a government certification ensuring that the documents issues by the veterinarian are legitimate.

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5. Toys
As every pet owner knows, these little furry friends of ours are very much like small children. They get bored easily, they get scared and sad. To help them deal with this, it’s best to throw in a toy or two into their crates. During the flight, playing can help ease the nervousness and anxiety of your pets.

6. First Aid Kit
When traveling with pets, especially to foreign countries, it is important to have a first aid kit ready for them. Things that should be included in your pet first aid kit are gauze rolls, gauze pads, cotton swabs, roll of cloth, bandages, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, mild pet sedatives, eye droppers for feeding when they’re weak, bottle waters, and scissors, and latex gloves.

7. ID Tags
Even though you pet already has a microchip, not everyone has a microchip scanner. This is why it’s still very important to include an ID tag on your pets and write in details such as your contact information (mobile and email) as well as your pet’s name, age, and breed.

Well, that’s it. Travel safe and have fun!

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