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A Quick Guide on Round the World Travel

Traveling the world is a dream that many people share, but one thing that most people don’t know is that traveling the whole world is actually doable. And lots of people have already done it. There are also services all over the world offering this amazing opportunity of actually circumnavigating the globe.

To know more about Round the World (RTW) trips and to help you prepare better, here are some tips to remember.

Research, Research, Research
They didn’t coin the term “knowledge is power” out of nothing. Information is important and for traveling round the world where language, culture, currency, and weather change per destination, researching is a crucial part of the journey. Understanding each country better and knowing more about your destinations can also help you plan your trip more efficiently.

Pick Your Destinations
Traveling the world can either be going through all the possible countries that you can visit or simply going ‘round the globe and picking specific destinations that you prefer. For a more budget-friendly trip, spend less time on expensive countries, often in the West. Prices are significantly higher here and the cost of living (even if it’s just a few days to weeks or months) will surely affect your overall budget. To get around accommodation on expensive cities, some RTW travelers check out volunteering opportunities that include accommodation as well as other options like couchsurfing or house-sitting. Of course, another great option is staying with relatives and friends living overseas.

Keep Track of Your Expenses
One of the greatest risks of traveling round the world is not having enough money to continue it. Some travelers often have to go back home mid-journey because they ran out of finances. To avoid this (and also for smarter personal financing) be sure to track all your expenses, down to the last penny, no matter what currency. To help you with this, there are lots of great finance apps that can help you monitor your expenses. Another great way of doing this is to use the good old excel or a google spreadsheet file.

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Be Travel Ready
Before heading out to the great big world, be sure you’ve got everything covered. Flights, accommodation, health and financial insurance, vaccines, etc. Also when creating a schedule for your travels, take into consideration unexpected circumstances such as delayed flights and harsh weather conditions among others. If you plan to be on the road for a year and you live alone, make sure you’ve got a reliable and trustworthy person looking after your home, same thing with pets.

There are two ways of doing around the world traveling—either you do it DIY and you map out everything from transportation to accommodation, or you can purchase RTW tickets from Star Alliance or Oneworld. The tricky thing with RTW tickets however is that the airlines included in the package are only those that are partners of the vendor. In this case, low cost carriers especially over Asia are not included, making it significantly more expensive.

On the other hand, DIY traveling lets you choose all kinds of transportation that you want to try. Want to reach the other country by train? There’s a ship leaving for the nearby country within the week? DIY traveling gives you more freedom to try these things and to stay as long as you can—which can also get difficult since you might overspend time and money on a particular destination. Sticking to your schedule and budget is the key!

To know more about Round the World tickets, check out this great read: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-tips/buying-a-rtw-ticket/

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