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An Open Letter to the Next Person I’m Gonna Fall In Love With


Beginning. I want us to begin like strangers who just met by chance. Strangers who will become friends, and eventually be lovers. I want you to know who I am from my darkest side to my best. I want you to know all my flaws, short-comings and failures and in hope that after knowing all of it, you’ll stay.

Honesty. I want transparency. I want us to be open to each other by all means. I want us to practice honesty cause it’s the best policy. I want you to tell me what’s on your mind and what’s bothering you. I want you to tell me when you’re mad or annoyed at me. I want you to tell me who pisses you off at your workplace. I want you to curse and blurt out all the shits of life that is messing your mood. I want you to tell me when you feel like I should improve my style, my hygiene and everything, not to embarrass me, but to help me be a better version of myself.

Life. I want to travel the world with you and experience life outside our comfort zones. Try something we’ve never done before. Get lost and laugh out loud trying to find our destination. Do silly and crazy things together. Live life as if there’s no tomorrow. To adventures, misadventures and everything in between. To good days and the bad, there’s nothing more fulfilling than creating a lifetime memories with you.

Love. I want to write my feelings for you in post-its, on my website or anywhere possible to remind you of my affection. I want to cook amazing food for you because I’m good at it and I know you’ll like it. Randomly give you flowers, not because there’s a special occasion, but because you deserve all the beautiful flowers in the world, and I’ll give it all, if I can. I want to hug you tight when you’re tired from work, give you a massage, kiss you on the forehead and we’ll talk how was your day, and how was mine. I want to tell the world how much you mean to me, and how proud I am to have you. I want you to meet my parents when the time is right, because I know they’ll love you and they’ll see how amazing you are. I want you to get jealous of someone when you feel like it, because that would secretly make me smile and feel the jitters. But I promise you that I’m only yours, and hopefully you’re only mine.

Growth. I want us to have the worst fights, because it’s normal. We will fight because of the same ones, and of course fight because of the new ones. We will make mistakes together and we will also learn together. I want us to experience trials, because we’ll survive them anyway. I want our relationship to last, that whatever storm will pass us, we will stand firm, side by side with God as our center and

Lastly, I want you to leave me when you feel you need some space. So you can come back. Because no one else did.

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