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Food Review: Crab n Crew Resto Bar QC

crab n crew

Crabs? Who doesn’t love them? Especially when you can EAT ALL YOU WANT for only 799PHP!
Last December, I went home for a short vacation in the Philippines. We went to this crab place called Crab n Crew located at Land Strong, 77 Visayas Avenue Quezon City. At first, I was thinking it wouldn’t be that good, given that I think 699php for an unlimited crab is waaaaay too cheap. Don’t get me wrong, I just think that crabs are usually expensive and freakin’ expensive due to its mouth-watering taste and deliciousness.

They do have other choices if you are not a fan of crabs (really? how could you?!). They got shrimps and mussels that you can select from 250g, 500g and 1000g. Other choices would be Chicken & Pork that I will definitely try next time.

crab n crew menu

They also have seafood bag meant to be shared with 3 base-sauce to choose from.

choices in crab n crew

We ordered the unlimited goodies of course. It cost 799php per pax, with unlimited rice and unlimited iced tea! Heaven!

Overall, the crabs were amazing and perfectly cooked. I think we had 4 rounds of crab basket. I wanted to eat more but my tiny stomach couldn’t keep up anymore.
Location: Land Strong, 77 Visayas Avenue Quezon City
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11:00AM-10:00PM

Value for Money: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

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