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Osaka Japan: Osaka Castle & Gluttony

One of the best things that could happen if you are fond of traveling is when your company decided to do the team building overseas. You get the perks of discounted flights and accommodation, free dinner, and the fun moments with your colleagues. Here are some of the highlights of my trip to Osaka and Kyoto, with the Pfx peeps.

Osaka is one of the two “urban prefectures” of Japan located in the Kansai region. The city is known for modern Japanese architecture, a wide selection of sumptuous foods, unique attractions and boisterous night scenes.

Half Day: Endless Train Journey & A Night of Foodie

From Kansai Airport, the most convenient way to Osaka is by train. There are 2 types of trains you can choose from to reach Namba Station:

  • Nankai Airport Express – regular commuter train costs about 900 yen; 45mins to Namba Station
  • The Rapi:t (pronounced as Rapid) – reserved seating train costs about 1,400 yen; under 30mins to Namba Station
    See: Kansai Airport Access Information

We were divided into three groups. Each group has a designated AirBnb accomodation. Of course, mandatory selfies will not be missed.

pfx at kansai airport

train to namba station

We’ve reached our destination past 6 o’clock, just in time for team dinner. Our accommodation is very convenient to the train station, food places like the famous Dotonbori street and also the premiere shopping area of Shinsaibashi Arcade. We had our team dinner at one of Dotobori landmarks, the Kani Doraku well-known for serving all kinds of crab.

pfx team dinner in osaka


dinner at dotonbori st

There’s no other way to end our first night in Osaka than mimicing the famous Glico Running Man pose and a random statue along Dotonbori street.

Glicoman Pose in Osaka

Osaka Castle Museum

Built in 1853, Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most renowned landmarks and played a major role in the unification of Japan during the 16th century. The castle is surrounded by marvelous stone walls, citadels and moats. There’s an admission fee of 600 yen for those who would like to enter the museum.

Osaka Castle Gate



View of Stone Walls in Osaka Castle


osaka castle museum


Groupie Outside Osaka Castle

The castle has an observation deck where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Osaka Castle Park, high-rise buildings, and the gardens in the distance are truly breath-taking.

panoramic view at osaka castle


An epic jump shot is a must!


large ice-cream cone


team sunnies

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