Singapore: Haw Par Villa

a Saturday in haw par villa

Ever since, I’ve been curious about how Haw Par Villa looks like. I’ve been planning to go but never happened. Finally, one Saturday me and my friends went and really had an amazing gloomy afternoon experience.

Haw Par Villa Singapore


Haw Par Villa is a theme-park with over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas portraying the Chinese folklore, history and mythology. The theme park is named after the Burma-born Aw brothers, who created the medical ointment Tiger Balm.

Getting to Haw Par Villa is now convenient compared before. You can alight at the Haw Par Villa station (Circle Line) and just outside the train station, the theme park is waiting for you to explore.

Haw Par Villa entrance


friends at haw par villa


taichi stance


Upon entering, you will be guided by this bearded uncle and a dancing Thai/burmese person teaches a stance of Taichi.

We didn’t got the chance to visit the famous Ten Courts of Hell that everyone seems to be fascinated about. Thanks to the pouring rain, we just went off and just had seen some other interesting dioramas inside Haw Par Villa.

sumo wrestlers in haw par villa

friends at haw par villa



ancient folklore in haw par villa

dioramas at haw par villa


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